Keowee Sailing Club


Thank you for your interest in the Keowee Sailing Club. The club was formed in 1972, and is located on Highway 130, two miles north of US 123 in Seneca, SC on one of the most beautiful lakes in the Southeast. We are a self-help sailing club, where members are expected to share in running and maintaining the club and grounds. Members participate in activities ranging from dock building to general cleanup and committee work. Our four-acre site includes a clubhouse with meeting space, kitchen, and restrooms with showers, as well as two beach areas, picnic tables and grills. Our launch ramp allows launching of most trailerable boats, with a mast stepping pole in the adjacent parking area. We have slips for over 140 sailboats, and a large parking area for trailerable boats that are drysailed. All applicants for membership, when accepted, enter into a one year Provisional Membership, after which they are eligible for Regular Membership upon the approval vote of the Board of Stewards. A Provisional Membership permits full use of the club and its facilities, including boat storage, but does not include voting rights. The Membership Subcommittee and the Board of Stewards use the following criteria for membership when granting Regular Membership: “An applicant for membership must own a sailboat, buy a sailboat, or regularly crew on a sailboat during the year as a Provisional Member.”


The steps in applying for membership are as follows:

    • Send your completed application form with the application fee of $100 to the address on the form.
    • If you have a friend who is a member of KSC and is willing to serve as your sponsor, please ask them to sign the application form. If you do not have a sponsor, leave this blank— the Membership Subcommittee will assign one for you.
    • The chair of the Membership Subcommittee will contact you and arrange a meeting/tour to get to know you and provide more information about the club. After this meeting, your application will be posted in the Clubhouse for at least 14 days before the next Board of Stewards meeting, when you will be invited to meet the Board. If you withdraw your application prior to meeting the Board of Stewards, your application fee will be refunded.
    • When the Board of Stewards approves your request for membership, the $100 application fee will be given to the Treasurer, a $400 initiation fee will be collected and your name will be placed on a waiting list (if any) until space for a new member becomes available.
    • When a space becomes available, you will be offered Provisional Membership, and the initiation fee will be given to the Treasurer. An invoice for prorated current quarter dues will be e-mailed to you.



The membership dues and other club fees are paid in advance of each calendar quarter:

  • Membership Dues $ 174/quarter
  • Dry Storage (boat on trailer) $ 45/quarter
  • Slip Rental $ 111/quarter
  • Beach Storage (board boats) $ 36/quarter

Note: All members have the opportunity to earn work credits to be applied toward membership dues in the year after they are earned. For more information, ask at the meeting/tour. If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact the Membership Chair at [email protected]

Sincerely, Membership Chair

Email Rebecca Cooper

(Form MC-1 Revised 2020-05-22)