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2019 Youth Sailing Program Changes

For 2019 we will introduce additional opportunities for youth sailing.  We will be continuing as before with two sessions of Youth Sail Camp, but we will be adding a third session for students that are ready to go to the next level. 

Our schedule is as follows:

Basic session 1:  June 10-12

Basic session 2:  June 17-19

Intermediate camp:  June 24-26

Basic camp is for youth 10-16 years of age.  Intermediate camp will be for those who have attended sail camp (or equivalent training) in the past, and are ready to go to the next level.  These intermediate students should be able to rig their boat with little or no assistance, be able to confidently sail a single-handed boat around a triangular course, including tacking upwind to a mark, and be mature enough to take personal responsibility for improving their sailing skills.  Although there will be no specific age requirement, we believe most students that are ready for the intermediate camp will be 12 or 13 years of age in addition to meeting the aforementioned requirements.  Students through age 17 may attend the intermediate camp.

The new intermediate camp will include exercises to build boat handling skills; destination sailing for fun and adventure; and racing, racing start practice, and buoy rounding practice to build racing skills.  That should excite any young person who is truly interested in sailing!  The intermediate program will also tie closely to the junior racing series.  For 2019 there will be youth race days as before, and we expect to add skill sessions before the races.


All sessions are at capacity.  Any additional applications received will be placed on a wait list. Thank you,

– Dan Eskew

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*Photos from 2017 camp by Liz Keenan