April 1, 2023 – April 2, 2023 all-day America/New York Timezone
Keowee Sailing Club
150 Keowee Sailing Club Dr
Seneca, SC 29672
Kirk Elliot

These Sailing Instructions/NOR are copied from 2022, Stay tuned there may be changes ahead.

Sat. Apr 1:
  • 11:00 Skippers meeting
  • 12:00 First Signal

Sun Apr 2:

  • Start determined by sailor consensus on Saturday but may be as early as 10am
There will be two classes:
  • Corinthian PHRF
  • Open Class

Corinthian PHRF is for boats with a current PHRF rating that conduct the race with only one soul on board.  The Open class is for any boats that wish to participate but that are still only sailed by one person (the same person).  The perpetual “Around Alone” trophy (a wall plaque with engraved names housed inside the club) will be awarded to the winner of the Corinthian PHRF class. The open class may be subdivided into other classes depending on participation (multihulls, etc).

Registration for this event is required so we can plan accordingly for dinner.  This event is open to all KSC members and there is no charge for this event.   Please use the green “register” (or “ticket” depending on your view) to the upper right.  Dinner is provided for event sailors and race committee only.

Event Summary: This is a single handed distance race reaching out to the sailable corners of Lake Keowee with a race on Saturday and a race on Sunday.  Courses are to be determined based on weather forecasts and usually determined each day of the event prior to the start.  There is a Corinthian division where the sailors are absolutely single handed with no other persons onboard and a recreational division where you are NOT required to be alone on your boat.  Regardless, only one skipper is allowed and he/she alone must personally attend to all functions of the sailboat – for example (but not limited to) the lone skipper must;

  • hoist and lower all sails
  • trim all sails
  • set any reefs
  • shake any reefs
  • make sail changes
  • set the spinnaker pole (if so equipped)
  • hike
  • steer the boat
  • navigate the boat so as to not run aground or hit anyone/anything
  • wedge a banana (or other similar implement) under the tiller whilst attempting to do all of this crap alone

Extra persons cannot perform any function related to the sailing of the boat and their weight should not be placed in uncomfortable positions that are typically used for righting leverage at any point during the race.  Obvious exceptions to this rule are allowed for reasons of safety.  Any help from the extra persons to physically sail the boat will likely constitute “outside assistance” resulting in a disqualification. Any extra person(s) on said vessel are only allowed to do mundane tasks not related to conducting the vessel such as (but not limited to);

  • provide food and refreshments for the skipper
  • criticize the skipper while providing no useful information
  • enjoy the first hand view of a skipper working feverishly at all the jobs you normally get yelled for doing incorrectly
  • relax with two days of racing on the water where you are required by rule, and morally bound, to not actually do anything
  • police the appropriate contributions to a swear jar