KSC Re-opening Process


Club Operations Update as related to the Coronavirus:


For the past 2 months we have been operating Keowee Sailing Club with limited programs and operations. This has been done to protect the health of our members and reduce possible exposure to the Coronavirus. Members have still had access to their boats and been able to be outside and be on the water.


At KSC we are first and foremost a sailing club, we wish for our members to be on the water and take full advantage of the beautiful creation we get to experience while spending time at KSC. 


Recognizing that the Coronavirus is still a challenge and danger facing our community, we are opening up some of our limited operations. With these changes we wish to re-emphasize the safety of all our members and as before these steps are implemented to have a safe environment for all members while still emphasizing sailing.


The Limited Operations will stay in effect until such time as it is safe and healthy to update operations.


COVID 19 Positive: We ask all members (and their guests) to notify the Commodore if you have been at KSC in the 72 hours prior to having symptoms or testing positive for Covid 19. You may do this anonymously but it is vitally important that members that were present at the club during your visit are aware that they have an exposure risk. Your name will not be shared through club communications, but we will make club members aware of an exposure risk. Please email the Commodore at [email protected]  You should also contact SC DHEC or your state agency.


Face Masks: Members and guests are encouraged to wear face masks while on the grounds and facilities at KSC. The face mask you wear may be the safety that your neighbor cherishes.


Events: It was determined that at this time there is not a safe way to offer our traditional social events. Further it was decided that to avoid confusion, all social events are cancelled until further notice and  it is deemed safe to have large gatherings of people. The KSC calendar will be updated monthly to reflect this.


House: There was extensive debate as to how club members could use plates, utensils, counters, glasses and our ability to have a safe germ free environment for all members. It was decided that in the best interest of safety and cleanliness, 

  • the main kitchen would remain closed and locked. 
  • The outside grills will be available for use, they will be spaced 6ft apart. Members must bring their own utensils, spatulas, plates, glasses, etc.
  • The pavilion will be opened up for use, tables and chairs will be placed to maintain distancing
  • The ice machine will be available for use, members are encouraged to sanitize/wipe down the scoop handle as well as other touched surfaces.
  • The “old” kitchen will be available for members to wash their own utensils.
  • Bathrooms will continue to be available for KSC members and their guests
  • The main clubhouse room will continue to be closed for gatherings.
  • The cleaning crew will begin servicing the clubhouse 2 days per week and will focus on sanitizing surfaces in addition to their primary cleaning responsibilities.
  • No gatherings more than 10 people 


Note: these bullet points are consistent with SC State rules for restaurants and use of indoor/outdoor spaces.


Guest Policy: The guest policy has not changed (6 guests per member family), but it was emphasized that members and their guests should not exceed the limitations of gatherings of more than 10 people. It is responsibility of Members to inform their guests of all club rules including the limited operations in relation to the Coronvirus.


Dog Policy: The dog policy has not changed but it needs to be emphasized that dogs are not allowed in the clubhouse, pavilion, main docks, front porch of main beach. Dogs are to be on a leash. If you have questions concerning the dog policy refer to the KSC Operating Policy


Racing/Regatta: All races will be conducted using “No Touch” racing until such time as it is once again safe to gather.

  • Instructions will be given in Sailing Instructions (SI) and Notice of Race (NOR) 
  • On-Water communications (radio advised)
  • No pre-race “land” meetings
  • No post-race gatherings/socials
  • Skiffs will deploy as safety vessels only (one person or family unit per skiff)
  • Use of skiffs and committee boat will be evolving process.
  • Box lunches are an option

Additionally, it was decided to offer a new racing series, The One Fathom Series in lieu of the Simmer series and scoring would be unique to Fathom Series only to avoid penalizing members who cannot participate.


Lastly, once we are able to gather again in large groups, KSC will offer a 2-day Regatta Event with a Social to celebrate being back together.


Sailing Education: Despite an exhaustive search for viable ways to conduct Youth Sail Camp. It was decided that it will not be possible to offer the camps this summer.. 


Adult sailing education will resume using small club sailboats. Classes will be limited to 10 people. The instructor will coach/teach from a skiff.


Please note that it is very painful and regretful to not offer summer camps. Training the next generation of sailors is the lifeblood of our club and sailing. Memories are made and skills are learned through each camp. It is important that camps be a fun atmosphere and that youth and families reflect on there summers at KSC with affection. As a club, we remain steadfast in our commitment to our youth and look forward to next year’s Sail Camps.


Work Days: Club work projects will operate utilizing small work crews (2-3 people). Social distancing will be maintained and those interested in performing work should contact the Vice Commodore.


Camping: It is recommended to allow camping consistent with the KSC camping policy. It should be noted that the main kitchen will not be available for use by campers.


New Members: Meetings with prospective members may begin again maintaining social distancing and are not to exceed groups of 10.


It is paramount to remember that KSC remains open for Club members to access and use their boats. During this difficult time, it is important that members feel comfortable being at KSC and taking advantage of all we can safely offer.


We are experiencing unprecedented times and life is not normal, it is our hope that continuing limited operations but allowing more access to the club and racing will encourage our members to feel safe to come to KSC and enjoy a great experience.


Lastly, how we treat one another is the strength of our club community. We may not always agree or act in unison, but we can be thoughtful and kind. If someone is not adhering to our limited operations, ask them to do so with a smile on your face. Yelling and confrontation only breed resentment and anger. And if you struggle to follow the limited operations, please do so out of concern, empathy and kindness for your fellow members.