While each of us may be experiencing the COVID-19 Pandemic in different ways, it is evident that this ordeal will leave a lasting impact on each and every one of us. Some of you may be struggling with spending 24/7 with your loved ones, some may be wishing they could return to work and many are just wishing that things would go back to “normal”. We are all looking forward to the day when the Keowee Sailing Club is able to get back to our “normal” racing, cruising and socializing.

In the meantime, Are you looking for something to do while you are stuck at home? How about taking some time and organize your items for the rescheduled Maritime Flea Market and Food Drive which we hope to hold on Sunday, June 7, 2020. The event is FREE, open to the PUBLIC and a great way for members to make more room in their homes, make a few dollars, find some needed items or swap parts for that long-term boat project. It may even be a way for you to sell a lonely boat that is in desperate need of a new home. We hope you will take advantage of this annual event! KSC Members are also encouraged to utilize the KSC Classifieds to advertise boats they wish to sell. The classifieds are free and easy to use; give it a try… KSC Classifieds.

Would you like to get a jump start on the food drive? Concerned you don’t have a lot of extra food items in your cabinets? Unable to purchase extra toiletries due to a shortage? No worries, you are still able to help the local food pantry with an online donation. The local food pantry is experiencing increased need from the community while balancing reduced donations. Click here to donate to the Golden Corner Pantry located in Seneca, SC. If you live in North Carolina and prefer to donate closer to home, the MANNA Food Bank is also in need and accepts online donations. Click here to donate to the MANNA Food Bank. No amount is too large or too small.

On behalf of KSC, the Events Committee and your friends and neighbors I want to say THANK YOU in advance for helping out during this very challenging time. Let me end this e-mail by sharing an appropriate quote for the day from a sailor and author Robin Lee Graham – “At sea, I learned how little a person needs, not how much.”

If you have questions or concerns regarding this post, E-Mail the KSC Events Committee.