There have been, and will continue to be, several updates to the club calendar. Please keep an eye on the upcoming events before traveling to the club.

  • The Flea Market/Food Drive Event is rescheduled to Sunday, June 7, 2020 Time 9am to 2pm

Here is a link to the calendar page. Also if you subscribe to the calendar on you mobile device new updates will be pushed to you automatically.

There has been a plethora of information about the Corona Virus in the U.S. Over the past 24-48 hours our understanding of its potential impact in the U.S. and our communities has increased dramatically.

Though there have not been reported cases in the Upstate or WNC, Experts forecast that we are only in the beginning of the potential impacts. States, Cities, arenas, schools and sports leagues are taking proactive steps to limit exposure in group settings.

It is a fine line between overreacting and taking appropriate precautions. After consulting with others I have come to the conclusion that caution is the best course of action.

Starting Friday March 13, all KSC sponsored socials and races will be postponed through the end of March.

Postponed Activities Include:

  •      3/13 Chartering and Chocolate
  •      3/14 Hot Ruddered Bum #3
  •      3/15 Maritime Flea Market
  •      3/18 Potluck
  •      3/21 BOS Meeting
  •      3/21 Skiffs 101 Class
  •      3/22 APR/First Aid Class
  •      3/25 Potluck
  •      3/28 Hot Ruddered Bum #4
  •      3/29 Women Wind and Waves

During this time,it is hoped that a much clearer picture will develop of the impact of the Corona Virus within the US and specifically our region. At the end of March we will evaluate this decision in light of how the pandemic evolves and heed the advice/recommendations from experts.

KSC will remain open for individual boat and club use. Bleach wipes will be located in each bathroom and the kitchen, it is asked that club members wipe surfaces after each use.

Be safe, be healthy and Sail On!

Mark Halstead

Commodore, Keowee Sailing Club