-Found on the Bulletin Board-

Seems we have an up and coming youth sailing director.

Take a look at this (old school) post from our very own Julian Baldwin, son of Mr. Doctor, Professor Baldwin and Mrs. Doctor, Professor Baldwin. It would appear that he is interested in getting the Opti’s out and racing.

It Reads….

My name is Julian A. Baldwin and I am trying to start a K.S.C. Opti racing team and I was wondering if you want to do it and if you do then call this number (omitted) and come to K.S.C. at 1:30 on October 8th

Let him know if you would be interested. As you can see here I have blocked out his phone number. I don’t like making it so public. So I am attaching a form here for those who are interested and I will send notifications to him. You can also find phone numbers for the Baldwins in the member roster on the “members Pages”.

Opti Racing Form

This form is to collect data for Julian Baldwin

Entries for Opti Racing Form

Name First Last I am interested in the Opti Racing team- See you October 8th at 1:30pm!
This form does not have any entries yet.