Flying Scot owners, crew and friends!

this is your chance to meet one of the leading forces behind our boats.

 Harry Carpenter, President of Flying Scot, Inc,the only current manufacturer of the Flying Scot, will be at our Club on Saturday, February 18th!!!  Harry’s not only a great guy and a great boat builder but also a terrific sailor – sailing at the elite level of our class.


Harry will be delivering Bob DiBella’s new FS on Saturday, February 18th.

  He’s willing to talk to us about the FS and run thru issues re rigging, sailing fast tips, maintenance, etc.  He’s happy to do a Q&A on anything and everything.

 He’ll be at the Club at 10:30 Saturday morning 

to start rigging Bob’s boat and then move into our Q&A.  He’ll be sticking around to sail with Bob in our Frostbite 6 race.  I’m looking forward to the competition – not  🙂


Even if you’re not racing in the Frostbite series please don’t miss this chance to come out to give a big KSC welcome to one of the true greats in our Class.



Bob Graves, Captain
Fleet 193
posted by CZ