Keowee Sailing Club (KSC) invites you, your friends and neighbors to the 2nd Annual Maritime Flea Market. This unique event will be fun for all boaters, includes blood and food drives to benefit many people in our communities, plus live music and games

Please join us at KSC Saturday, April 6, 2019. The flea market and food drive will begin at 9 a.m.,blood drive at 9:30. Live music by club members and friends will follow, preceding an informal game night for KSC members and other attendees who’d like to stay through early evening (BYO beverages & a “snack for sharing”). The event is FREE and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC


Nautical Flea Market

Maritime items for sale. Members and guests may buy, sell and/or trade boating-related items such as life jackets, model sailboats, boat parts, paddles, sails, anchors, motors, artwork, navigation equipment, etc. There will be a limited number of tables available so please arrive early or plan to bring your own table(s). The plan is to set up outside, in the main parking area (weather permitting). This event WILL be held RAIN OR SHINE! All monies for the flea market belong to the individual seller(s). So this is a great opportunity to do some Spring cleaning, make room for more toys or find a new home for your items.

NEW! Boats for sale (KSC members only). Anyone wishing to sell a sailboat may dock it on the Guest Dock or the Work Dock so potential buyers can take a look. Please plan to be present to answer any questions or give a potential buyer an on-the-water tour of your boat. If you would rather DONATE your boat to a tax deductible organization, please contact Boat Angel to arrange a pick-up and donation form.

Blood Drive
Collection will be handled by The Blood Connection. The Mobile “Blo
od Vessel” will be onsite and ready to go by 9:30 am. No appointment is necessary. If you would like to schedule an appointment for blood donation at this event, visit The Blood Connection Donor Portal.


Food Drive
Please bring any canned, boxed or other unopened packaged items you’d like to donate. A large bin will be available to collect donations. Items will benefit our local soup kitchen (Our Daily Bread) and the Golden Corner Pantry. *Recommended needs are listed below.

Again, please join us and spread the word to guests, to help make this fun and charitable event a great success. If you have any questions, please contact the KSC Events Committee via e-mail.


*Recommended food and supply items which both the soup kitchen (Our Daily Bread) and food pantry (Golden Corner) would appreciate:

Canned Vegetables/starches
Green peas
Green beans
Mixed vegetables
Collard greens
Canned tomatoes (diced, sauce, paste)
ANY canned beans (black eyed peas, baked beans, pinto beans etc.)

Canned Protein

Canned Soups
Cream soups (cream of mushroom, cream of chicken)
Beef stew
Broth (beef, chicken, vegetable)

Peanut Butter
Canned fruit – any kind (pears, apple sauce, peaches, pineapple)
Crackers, any kind
Salad dressings (ranch & 1000 island especially)
Oil (Vegetable, Olive, etc.)
Instant mashed potatoes
Instant rice
Noodles & pasta (spaghetti, macaroni, etc.)
Family size tea bags
Ground Coffee
Coffee Creamer
Sweetener (individual packets; Splenda ©, Sweet & Low©, etc.)

Mustard (yellow)
Hot Sauce
Black pepper
Commercially prepared jelly
Commercially prepared pickles

Paper Products/Cleaning Supplies (These are specifically for “Our Daily Bread”)
Plates 9 inch, segmented dinner plate size, 7 inch size
Styrofoam soup bowls
Paper napkins
Cups 12-16 oz. size, 8 oz. size
Paper towels
Plastic sporks, and soup spoons
Ziploc bags
Gallon size Clorox bleach
Dishwashing detergent