The Keowee Sailing Club invites you to the Turkey Shoot Regatta. This regatta is open to all sailboats under 35 feet in length with a PHRF or Portsmouth rating.

The regatta is governed by the RACING RULES OF SAILING (RRS). The low-point scoring system (RRS Appendix will apply. One race will constitute a regatta. Handicaps for the PHRF fleets will be assigned at registration.
Entry fee willl include two days of racing (weather permitting), Friday hors d’oeuvres, Sat. & Sun. breakfasts, Sat. bag lunch, Sat. evening party, and a light Sunday lunch. Additional meal tickets will be on sale until close of registration. One commemorative shirt will be provided with each registration. To register please fill out the form below, if you would rather pay by cash or check at the event just cancel the payment page and we will still be notified to hold your place.

A special Junior registration is provided for sailors age of 18 and under. The fee will include one Shirt as well as the racing and complimentary meals described above.

** Fees for this event are only intended to partially defray administrative costs and the cost for food provided to participants and guests.

Courses will be around drop marks as described in the Sailing Instructions (SIs). Long distance races (PHRF C fleet) may use a combination of lake buoys, islands, and club marks. SIs will be available on the club website ( and on the official notice board.
Scoring for keelboats will use the PHRF time-on-time method. Open fleets will use Portsmouth scoring.


Notice of Race

Bouy Course SI's

Distance SI's

Registration Form:

Online Registration has closed, You can still register tonight starting at 5:30 pm or Saturday Morning starting at 8:00 am at KSC

Who’s going to be here…..

Entries for 2018 Turkey Shoot Regatta - October 26-28

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Name Boat Type Expected Fleet
Johnny Ballatin Holder 20 PHRF A (189 and lower)
Trevor Rochester A Cat MultiHull
John Hodges Holder 20 Recreational
Jack Wise F16 MultiHull
Roger Sulhoff Catalina 250 wing keel PHRF B (190 and higher)
Rob Baldwin J-24 PHRF A (189 and lower)
Cameron Rylance C scow Open Dinghy
RICK HARPER Flying scot Flying Scot
Mark Halstead Hunter 25.5 Recreational
Bob Graves Flying Scot Flying Scot
John Tyner Holder 20 (maximum head sail = 139) PHRF A (189 and lower)
Tom Williams Coronado 25 Recreational
DONNA MAYEUR MAYEUR Catalina 320 PHRF A (189 and lower)
DONNA MAYEUR MAYEUR Catalina 320 PHRF A (189 and lower)
John Sensor Flying Scot Flying Scot
Rob Copps Flying Scot Flying Scot
Herve Chassin Ultimate 20 PHRF A (189 and lower)
Kirk Elliott Flying Scot Flying Scot
Greg McPhee Flying Scot Flying Scot
Lisa Pauer   PHRF A (189 and lower)
Jake Kohl F18 Catamaran MultiHull
Bill Pauer Watkins 25 Recreational
James Hackett Flying Scot PHRF A (189 and lower)
Scott Brafford Montgomery 15 Recreational
Glenn Kats Flying Scot Flying Scot
Terry Keane J22 PHRF A (189 and lower)
Billy Cook A-Cat MultiHull
Billy Cook A Cat MultiHull
Bill Hurni Capri 26 Recreational
Dennis Fisher   PHRF A (189 and lower)
Dennis Fisher MC scow Open Dinghy
Shaun Allen   PHRF A (189 and lower)
Shaun Allen Kenner Privateer PHRF B (190 and higher)
Sydney Foley JY 15 Open Dinghy
Jim Smith Jr F82R Farrier Trimaran Recreational
Ted HARDWICKE   PHRF A (189 and lower)
Roger Benedict Capri 22 PHRF B (190 and higher)
Rob Copps Flying Scot Flying Scot
Ted Bisterfeld Precision 23 Recreational
Doug French Knickerbocker 26 PHRF B (190 and higher)
Aaron Barnes   PHRF A (189 and lower)
Aaron Barnes   Recreational
Displaying 1 - 42 of 42