The Keowee Sailing Club’s Facebook page sums it up…

“Keowee Cup over and done. Great racing, good food and fellowship. Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to the race committee. Results and photos on the Club’s website.”

Here’s a more detailed account of the weekend…

Chris Zander was the Regatta Chair for this years Keowee Cup Regatta but, like most volunteer roles at KSC, one must have a hat rack to handle so many tasks and roles. Chris did a fantastic job making sure the Regatta ran smoothly. For me, as the Events Chair I want to personally thank Chris for being the on-water “food truck” that made sure the sailors had lunch while bobbing around on the lake. Thankfully we had some extra hands to spare so Charlie Cox and Carl Nyberg assisted Chris with the lunch deliveries.

The turnout was less than expected when compared to recent years; with 21 boats competing in one of three fleets.The smaller group size made for fantastic conversations and allowed everyone to enjoy some entertainment provided by KSC’s own Ken Marsh! It is such a treat to have a talent and a greater gift when they are willing to share it with the KSC community. For the racers, it just meant that there were less boats on the water and an increased focus on catching up or staying ahead of the boats in your respective fleet. Check out the photo’s from the weekend and you will see just how close they got and how tight things were at each mark rounding. The Flying Scot fleet had the largest showing for the Regatta with 11 boats (all from KSC). An impressive turn out indeed!

Jake Kohl, the PRO for the 2018 Keowee Cup Regatta adapted his approach to the conditions and set up courses appropriate for the PHRF A, Flying Scot and Rec Fleets. As always, the wind [or lack of wind depending on the day] was in charge. The PHRF A and Flying Scot fleet each tried to complete 5 races and the Rec. Fleet boats has the opportunity to compete in 2 races. Check out the results for all boats or the individual fleets and see how they did. The skill, patience, determination and sometimes just a chance wind shift make for a lot of excitement on the lake. In case you didn’t know, there are always KSC members looking for crew so drop by the club on a race day and see if you can secure a spot and enjoy a fun time on Lake Keowee. Who knows, maybe one day you too will get to bring home a custom designed and created Jake Kohl original trophy!

The Events Committee had a lot of EXCELLENT help during the preparation and execution of the weekend feeding frenzy! For them, the work began with making lots of homemade sauce and assembling many pans of gluten-free/vegetarian and traditional lasagnas. In total, we served almost 12 pans of lasagna. It was a busy weekend but SO much fun. The Events Committee would like to thank ALL of the volunteers as well as the numerous members who asked us if we needed help. It is fantastic to have such a talented group of people who are willing to share their time and energy to help make an event be successful. The weekend was capped off with the Commodore’s Breakfast hosted by our current KSC Commodore, Liam Cunningham, Liam didn’t just show up and put on a pretty apron… he made scrambled eggs, panned bacon, stocked the chaffing dishes, set-up the Belgian Waffle station and so much more. Be sure to check out the great pic of Commodore Liam and Vice-Commodore Bill!

Thank you to each and every volunteer and participant!